Award Winning Team Based Hair Salon


The goal at Salon Nuuvo, is to have each client leave our sanctuary happy and feeling beautiful (or handsome) from their hair to their hearts.
We’re an award winning ‘team based’ hair salon, who believe in giving back to our community, in addition to delivering exceptional and modern hairstyling for the whole family.

All stylists take continuing education to maintain our exceptional standards in hair artistry and customer service.

We work hard as a team to create an exceptional experience, for each client we have the honor to serve.

As the premier destination in Calabasas and surrounding communities for hair care services, we truly love what we do.

Come visit us soon, and experience the ‘Nuuvo’ way of hairstyling – fashion-forward, modern and chic-

Impeccable customer service – exceptional hair artistry – collaborative teamwork

Salon Nuuvo’s design and functionality, was meticulously designed by founder Raychel Harrison, insuring clients seamlessly move through each element of their hair experience effortlessly.

We have created a ‘happy place’ for our clients, while they have their services.

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Why is a ‘team based’ salon, a superior experience for the client, in delivering higher satisfaction in the customer experience?

Teamwork is the unspoken unexplainable presence allowing employees to deliver luxury services as a cohesive front, creating uniformed consistency that offers a “good vibes only” feel in the salon. It all starts with who we hire … Its about finding like-minded people who are passionate about the beauty industry, and goals for their careers that match with our values.

*Blends Complimentary Strengths

We are able to provide a more customizable experience for each client; from the front desk check-in, assistants providing the shampoo, head and neck massages, to the hair artists providing the services, to the check out protocols, which includes feedback ‘callbacks’ after the services. These procedures ensure excellence in how we deliver our services.

*Fosters Creativity and Learning

We learn together by sharing knowledge, and supporting each other. Which makes for a more cohesive system, clients notice the difference.

*Builds Trust with Clients

With impeccable customer service as our common language in the salon, we are able to put clients first, which build trust and value that hard to replicate.

All facets of our system is geared towards customer satisfaction.

*Promotes a Wider Sense Of Ownership

By working together and living out ones career goals as part of team, our artists develop a sense of belonging that results in a happy work environment, which insures our salon is relaxing, warm and calming to clients.