Precision Haircutting

Sophisticated looks that are technically precise and effortlessly chic — the masters in our team of hairstylists trained under industry icons, and come with years of experience as educators. They take their responsibility of training our junior team seriously, ensuring all clients experience the Nuuvo way of hair styling.

Price List

Women’s Haircut:
Stylist – $65 Senior – $75 Executive – $85 Master – $95 Raychel Harrison – $125

Children’s Haircut (9 and under):
Stylist – $45 Senior – $55 Executive – $65 Master – $75

Stylist – $75 Senior – $75 Executive – $85 Master – $95 Raychel Harrison – $125

Add On’s

Nuuvo Mega Moisture Argan Mask

Nourishes and fortifies damaged hair with Shea Butter and Argan Oil
for hydration (color and hair extensions safe),Paraben & salt free.

Malibu Treatment

Infused with antioxidants to help defend against oxidizers like chlorine &
mineral build-up, which can cause color loss and hair breakage.

Malibu Makeover

This two-step treatment begins with pure antioxidant vitamin
crystals, which naturally and gently lift away mineral deposits and
other environmental toxins hiding in your hair. Its followed by a rice
and flax protein-rich reconstructing treatment, which is infused
deep into the hair structure, strengthening strands from within,
resulting in a dramatic difference!

Olaplex #2

Add Olaplex to your haircut will rebuild bonds that have been
broken down due to damage. Olaplex repairs and preserves
the integrity of hair.

Organic Jojoba Oil Scalp Treatment

Conditions the hair and scalp, preventing dryness, which strengthens the
hair shaft, cleaning the hair follicles to restore health & manageability.

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Nourish your hands during the dry winter months with our special
Swiss Apple Stem Cell blend. This decadent treatment uses
nourishment, plus an age reversal complex, which supports and
sustains skin health through hydration and protection.

VIP Room

A self-contained and luxurious room for 1 or 2 people can be booked along with your choice of hair stylist.

$100 (plus cost of treatments received)

*All prices subject to change*