Award Winning ‘Team Focused’ Hair Salon


Impeccable customer service – exceptional hair artistry – collaborative teamwork

At Salon Nuuvo, we encourage a culture of curiosity, passion, harmony, fun and creativity. We seek out and retain only the best — talented artists who are ambitious, motivated, and team orientated.

This culture of excellence, allows for outstanding experiences for our clients, so we stand behind a happy hair guarantee for each client who comes to us for services. This all happens within our tranquil hair sanctuary that was designed by founder Raychel Harrison — guaranteed to induce relaxation and calmness. All #nuuvoartists are passionate for our services, products, culture and client experience.

We constantly participate in team training and continuing education, so we codify and refine all services and guidance we offer to our guests. As hair professionals, we take this responsibility seriously, so all team members are put through a vigorous program of excellence, equipping them with the crucial skill-sets needed to insure mastery in their technical abilities and professionalism as hair artists.

While having your services, unwind and relax, as you experience our key service promises delivered to each client we have the honor to serve – Impeccable customer service, exceptional hair artistry and collaborative teamwork sets us apart from other hair salons.


“Why a ‘team focus’ salon, when most hairstylists in California operate as independent contractors”

We want our artists to focus solely on our service promises; so we believe our codified system of excellence is a better value proposition for our clientele. Our artists do not have to worry about marketing, inventory management for retail sales, building their clientele by themselves, sanitation, or the other numerous pitfalls that come with running your own business.

Within the team, we share our knowledge, and the entire salon works collaboratively to attain excellence as a team – our clients certainly notice the difference. The Nuuvo Hair Academy program, provides advanced training to our stylists, which increases their revenue over time, allowing our team members opportunities to build lasting careers within our industry.

“We Deliver Higher Satisfaction In The Customer Experience”

We’re able to provide a more customizable experience for each client; from the front desk check-in, to the assistants providing the shampoo, head and neck massages; to the hair professionals providing the services, to our curated check out protocols, which includes evaluation ‘callbacks’ after the services. We really focus on our operations to insure excellence in how we deliver our services.

“Our System Fosters Creativity and Learning”

We learn together by sharing knowledge and supporting each other. This makes for a more unified system, that’s cohesive and professional — clients notice the difference.

“We Train Our Team As Professionals, Which Builds Trust with Clients”

impeccable customer service is the common language in the salon; so we put clients first. This has built trust & loyalty with our clientele, that’s hard for other business models to compete with.

All facets of our system is geared towards outstanding customer satisfaction, and we have won numerous awards for our salon operations and salon culture.

“Promotes a Wider Sense Of Ownership With Our Team”

By working together and living out our career goals as part of team, our artists develop a sense of belonging that results in a happy work environment. Clients value our culture, and we have built a loyal following of satisfied customers, who come to Salon Nuuvo because its their ‘happy place’.